10 Reasons to BEAT the fear of Marriage

10 Reasons for men to BEAT the fear of MarriageAfter looking around the internet and searing for the reasons why you shouldn’t have a “fear of marriage”, I’ll be quite honest, I was really disappointed. I found a lot of blog posts about why you should fear marriage, and why you don’t want to get married, and why you shouldn’t get married, but not much about the why they SHOULD get married. I found a lot of jokes and everything else except why marriage is a good thing, so I’m going to give you ten reasons.

Marriage as a case study, don’t be frightened

If you now where to look and what questions to ask, you can find a lot of revealing data on how the fear of marriage is keeping a lot of really good people in a lot of really good relationships from taking it to the next level. A quick look at first time marriage statistics from the US Census Bureau reveals that between 1965 and 2003 there was a 19.74% increase in the age that men were first getting married at, and a 23.2% increase in age for females. From 1965 to 2003, the median age for females getting married jumped from 20.5 years of age, to 25.3 years of age;  men during that same period went from 22.75 years of age to 27.1 years of age. So there’s no doubt that people are waiting longer to get married. The question is why?

Why should you get married at all, if all it’s going to give you more headaches, a “honeydo” list, put you in the grave quicker, help you loose your money quicker, and keep you from hanging out with your friends. Well, because those answers are your stereotypical jokes about getting married, and they’re also all wrong. That’s your mind creating jokes to help cope with the fear of marriage or other non disclosed insecurities. And honestly, getting married doesn’t change anything;  it’s having kids that turns your world upside down- so relax.

10 Reasons to BEAT the fear of Marriage

10 Reasons for men to BEAT the fear of MarriageReason Number #10, Divorce is Not an Option Anymore

Information from a study titled, “Numbers, Timing, and Duration of Marriages and Divorces: 2009, showed a 73% increase in the number of woman between the ages of 25-29 that hadn’t been married yet, and a 26.6% decrease in divorces during that same time period; which to me, says that if there’s less people getting married, there’s also going to be less divorces. So if there’s less divorce, I can’t imagine that it’s something we’re all afraid of, because it’s not as prevalent as you might be thinking. Divorce is expensive and nobody wants to do it anymore. Not in todays economy.

Beat the fear of Marriage, #9-4

In a recent issue of Cosmopolitan, Molly Triffin, a freelance writer and journalist for the publication, suggested that people get married, because doing so makes their relationship more substantial. Declaring your affection for one another in front of family and friends makes it official and more meaningful. She writes that if you get married, it means that you’re more likely to stick out the relationship in hard times, that you think and act like a team, that you’re more grounded and less anxious, and despite what you may have been told, you’ll be more intimate more often. Yes, more sex. Not less. Molly also alluded to the practical side of tying the knot, like tax incentives, cheaper health care costs and social security benefits.

Beat the fear of Marriage, #3-2

Interestingly enough, and as much as us guys love to joke about it, having a good woman in your life actually makes you live longer. That’s a fact jack! According to a University of California Study in a 2006, researches concluded that single people are five times more likely to die of infectious diseases, nearly forty times more likely to die of heart disease and twice as likely to die of an accidental death. Now if living longer doesn’t impress you, how about having more money? Because once you’re married, you now have more money coming into the house which means you have more money for bigger and more expensive purchases. It may sound silly, but think about it. You have two incomes when before you had only one, so now you can now buy the things you couldn’t afforded on your own, like flat screen TV’s, new cars, a bigger house, more frequent vacations and other cool stuff. Hey! We’d all like to have a little more money, right?

#1 Reason to Beat the Fear of Marriage

10 Reasons for men to BEAT the fear of MarriageThen we have the most heartfelt and emotional reason that you should beat your fear of marriage. I saved it for last, because it’s also the most mature reason of all. In order to see the last paragraph of this article, click the LIKE button below, then wait five seconds and the last paragraph will appear automatically.

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