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  • Patriot Hills Clubhouse Wedding in Stony Point

  • Falling in Love So here's a question, what happens between a man and a woman after ten years of dating? Well, a couple of things actually. One, you find that the air around them becomes electric and that the person standing next to them is their best friend. Two, you discover that the two of them[...]
  • Tips to help you relax on your wedding day

  • One of the biggest difficulties that brides and grooms face on the day of the wedding is being very fidgety and nervous. In the past, plenty of Hudson Valley wedding couples regretted feeling this way because it got in the way of the occasion. Some could not smile and look happy for the came[...]
  • How to save money on your wedding

  • If you are living in Hudson Valley and planning for your wedding ceremony then you must be aware about the effective ways to save money on your Hudson Valley weddings. The weddings usually cost a lot of money if we do not pay proper attention to reduce unnecessary expenditure. The following are [...]
  • Weddings from the Belvedere Mansion

  • So, what is LOVE? I’m asking, because there are whole lot of us that would love to know what love looks like, what love feels like and how to spot it, if and when, love ever comes our way! In my office I have a painting of a slender and seductive woman done by Katie Kulp, entitled “What is Love”. [...]