Best outdoor locations for a wedding in the hudson valley

All weddings are special, but there’s something about this part of Up-state New York that makes weddings in the Hudson Valley even more unique, and when shared with friends and family, absolutely breathtaking as far as wedding locals go. Discovered by an Englishman trying to find a quick route to China, as he sailed along the Northwest Coast in 1609, Henry Hudson stumbled on one of the jewels of the Atlantic. It is the perfect location for a wedding, and lots of brides and grooms agree, flocking to this area every year to exchange their nuptuals. There are river towns, and lighthouses, a boater’s mecca, and great seafood. Just 100 miles north of the Big Apple you can find everything from private estates with landmark 19th century architecture to natural beauty in the foot of the Catskills that would make even your future mother-in-laws mouth water.

When you choose to have your weddings in the Hudson Valley, you know that no matter where you choose to host your wedding and reception, you will cherish the most exceptional memories captured on film, for anniversaries to come. Weddings yes, but weddings in the Hudson Valley are one-of-a-kind. They have a regality and intimacy that isnt comparable to almost  any other location. In fact, the Hudson Valley was once a playground for the Kennedys, so you know that your special day will have a certain flair for upper-crust style even if it is held outdoors, and photographers know exactly how to capture the best sunsets or banquet hall pictures to make sure the bride and groom, as well as the entire wedding party looks their best, but outdoor weddings are especially glorious in the Hudson Valley.

If you do opt for an outdoor wedding, there are so many places to choose from. You can have your wedding on the lawn of one of the great private estates, or use one of over 372 streams and rivers as the backdrop for your perfect exchange of love. You can also find fields, forests and even gazebos and canoes if you are the more adventurous type. Have your wedding on the grounds of Bear Creek or Belvedere Mansion. Take advantage of the burst of color in the trees in early fall or wait until warmer weather comes to make use of the mountainous backdrop available in the Hudson Valley. Plan your big day on the helm of a great sailing vessel or in the privacy of a forest glade. If you are a snow bunny, you can even have your wedding on a powdery veranda, with outdoor heaters to keep you and your guests cozy and warm in winter’s biggest chill. The ideas are endless and the natural beauty abounds, so there is a great wedding picture just waiting to be taken. You just need to be sure to hire photographers who know the area well, and has the right skills to get those ‘money-shots’.

There is a certain type of photographer that knows how to use Mother-Natures light to make you look like you are it from within on your wedding day, and Hudson Valley Photographers have that special skill. Shooting in an outdoor environment takes a certain type of expertise, and we have it in spades. You can trust that your photos wont be overexposed, and that the otherwise perfect backdrop and pristine weather wont be ruined by poorly shot photographs, leaving you to conjure your perfect day in the memorys eye only.

Beautiful locations for an outdoor wedding in the hudson valley

The Hudson Valley is a retreat from the big city. It’s a place to relax and unwind, to enjoy the beauty, tranquility which is the number one reason why the area caters to more than 4000 weddings a year.