Getting Married in the Hudson Valley { A Word of Advise }

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Getting Married in the Hudson Valley

The wedding day is one of the biggest days of a person’s life and wether you’re getting married in the Hudson Valley or somewhere else, the stress  looks the same. Some brides, some grooms and perhaps even the in-laws will get a tad overwhelmed by the entire thing. It will cause you stress, some aggravation and probably a number of arguments in the process, but most people understand this and expect it.  In fact, if we’re being honest – that’s probably common knowledge at this point – a lot of normal people do a lot of crazy things, because of the stress caused by the planning a wedding.


Weddings are supposed to be a celebration, but I’ve found that really normal people do a lot of really stupid and crazy things. There are brides that plan their entire day out on paper, in five minute intervals. Some will start their day at 4am, for a 3pm ceremony. Some will put their brides maids through boot camps to get them in shape while others are so stressed out – that they forget how to have a good time. Some couples get so overwhelmed planning their wedding, that they forget the main reason we’re all here, love.

Now as someone who photographs people getting married in the Hudson Valley for a living, love is in my face seven days a week. I find myself consumed by it and I’m in love with love and I admit it – willingly. I love everything about love. I love the idea of it and the feeling of it. I love giving love. I love the way that two people in love seem to flirt using their eyes, or with a half smile using just the corner of their lips. I love being in the presence of  love on the wedding day, and I love getting advice from seasoned lovers who have spent a lifetime making love work, like grandma and grandpas. I especially love that love springs hope, because it gives us something to believe in and to hold onto when we’re frightened or feeling scared and helpless. And then, once the weddings over, I love working on the wedding photos, adding effects, toning images, adding shadows, creating short films or adding old film effects to them. Then once that’s done, I love the look on people’s faces when they see their images for the first time.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer | LOVE

So, although I’m a Wedding Photographer in the Hudson Valley and I take wedding pictures for a living – I’m actually in the business of love.

I think of the wedding day as a celebration of love and something that’s really precious, something that we should honor, respect and cherish. Hopefully this isn’t sounding to silly to you, but I believe the weddings are one of the biggest and most pivotal moments in a persons life, because it’s such a culmination of time, money, dedication, planning, love, trust, honor and commitment – that next to having children or grandchildren, the wedding day is biggest days in a persons life. It’s a huge day. So please, remember why you brought us all here – you found someone that you just couldn’t live without. Enjoy it! You’re in love.

photos courtesy of the Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers at Blue Sky Photography

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers

Getting Married in the Hudson Valley { A Word of Advise }Wedding Photographers in the Hudson Valley, Getting Married in the Hudson Valley, NY farm weddings