How to save money on your wedding


If you are living in Hudson Valley and planning for your wedding ceremony then you must be aware about the effective ways to save money on your Hudson Valley weddings. The weddings usually cost a lot of money if we do not pay proper attention to reduce unnecessary expenditure. The following are some of the proven techniques that can help you to save lots of money on your Hudson Valley weddings.

Proven tips to save money on your Hudson Valley wedding

1) Perform online shopping for highly discounted items – Wedding dresses and other merchandise related to the wedding ceremony usually cost a lot when we shop those items at local stores and shopping malls. The best way to get attractive discounts on these wedding dresses and other merchandise is to shop them on the internet. Internet is the best place where we can find popular online shopping stores such as,, etc. At these online shopping stores, one can buy huge varieties of wedding items at great discounts. At the end of the year, there are several holiday shopping deals announced by major online shopping stores. You can get advantage of these holiday deals and can buy several wedding items at huge discounts. This is a great way to save lots of money on shopping items related to the wedding ceremony.

2) Use creative wedding invitation ideas – Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on wedding invitations, we can learn DIY techniques to print these wedding invitations on our own. With the help of free computer design software and local stationary paper, anyone can design their own wedding invitations very cheaply. Using our own web address on the wedding invitations, we can tell our wedding guests to reply online. This will save the extra expenses of RSVP cards and postage charges.

3) Find affordable Hudson Valley photography services – We can also save great deal of money on wedding photography by finding out the most affordable Hudson Valley photography services. It is important to shop around to find out the best deals and high quality photographers. You can also ask any members of your family, relatives or friends who are amateur photographers but know a good amount of photography details. If you do not want to spend money on professional photographers then you can take help of student photographers who can work for you at affordable rates. Using these techniques, one can easily save great deal of money on Hudson Valley photography services.

4) Use creative wedding decoration ideas – Finding the other couples who are going to marry on the same day and at the same location can immensely help you to share wedding decoration costs with each other. You can discuss with other couples regarding sharing the decoration costs and this way you can be able to cut down significant portion of decoration charges. You can also use non-traditional wedding decoration items such as plain pillar candles and potted houseplants that can save great deal of money on wedding decorations. You can even decorate the wedding tables yourself easily with the help of cheap decorative items. Do not use expensive floral bouquets. Instead, you can use centerpieces made up of the bride and groom photos. Small glass dishes with floating candles also look very beautiful on the wedding tables. Research on the internet to find out more creative wedding decoration ideas that can help you to cut down significant decoration costs.

5) Use affordable food and drink items – It is important to discuss with your caterer about your actual budget constraints. Find out which are low priced food and drink items. You can also serve your own liquor and can open the bar only during cocktail hours. This way you can be able to save great deal of money on your Hudson Valley weddings.

How to save money on your wedding – Please be careful, free/low cost always comes at a price!