Money saving ideas on wedding photography in the Hudson Valley

money saving ideas on wedding photography in the hudson valley

Why these money saving ideas on your wedding photography can turn disastrous

Looking to Save Money? Is it worth your loosing your mind?

As you are planning for your special Hudson Valley wedding, perhaps one of the most expensive wedding suppliers that you will have to save up for is the wedding photography. For many brides and grooms, choosing a good wedding photographer is very important because after the big day, the photos that will be left behind will be responsible for telling the story of the entire event. Naturally, you want to be able to reminisce the beautiful memories and share them with others too. Hence, it may not be a good idea to scrimp on your wedding photography. You should begin scouring the reputed and experienced Hudson Valley photography options you have instead of trying to think up of more ways to conserve your budget.

Here are four money saving ideas on wedding photography in the hudson valley that many couples have regretted in past, because they turned out disastrous or problematic at the very least

1. Hiring a friend to photograph your wedding

You may think this seems like a great idea in order to stay within your budget and be able to use the money you saved for other things that you would like for your wedding. Nevertheless, you should only consider this if your friend is a professional photographer. If not, you better start thinking twice. Remember that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you will be able to go back to it only through the pictures. Thus, you should let an experienced photographer capture the special moments during the occasion. Besides, your friend may also not have the proper equipment to do it properly. He or she may not be able to encapsulate in snapshots all the details that matter. Moreover, it is more likely that a friend will miss out on some things because he or she may tend to mingle with others in the party unlike with actual hired photographers who are not familiar with the guests.

2. Hiring someone who does not have the proper insurance

Another no-no in  choosing a wedding photographer is to hire a person who does not have sufficient photographer insurance or maybe none at all. Nowadays, such insurance is important so that in case of emergencies wherein the photographer is late or does not show up, you can be assured that you will be paid or the coverage can pay for what it entails to stage everything that was missed out. Insurance will also provide the peace of mind for you in case the equipment gets damaged, the memory card gets lost, or other similar unfortunate happenings. There are several Hudson Valley photography companies you can choose from who all have good insurance protections.

3. Hiring someone who does not have the experience

It pays to have photographers for your Hudson Valley wedding who already know which parts of the ceremony and reception are most important to take shots of. These photographers have already experimented with various angles and equipment too and know which are best for different types of weddings. If you go with someone without experience, you may end up with photos that do not capture the mood and the important events and activities. Or the photos may have wrong angles, bad lighting, and other such problems.

4. Hiring someone who is not a member of ANY professional organization (ex. PPA, ASMP, NYPPS)

Hudson Valley weddings are usually exceptional. Thus, it is best to hire photographers who are members of professional organizations in their field. If not, you may not be assured of experienced and professional ones. Besides, having a network of photographers is an advantage because the members of the organization will get to have continuing education for improving their craft. It will also be easier to find a replacement in case your hired photographer is suddenly not available.

Why these money saving ideas on your wedding photography can turn disastrous