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  • LBGT | Same Sex | Gay Wedding at Hunter Mountain

  • How does a married straight man end up photographing a LBGT same sex marriage at Hunter Mountain - uh, because I'm awesome of course and people love me. Seriously though - even though I have a lot of experience photographing gay weddings - I should be on my knees thanking Tiina and Patricia for thin[...]
  • What is a Candid style of wedding photography

  • What's Candid wedding photography "Even though fixed in time, a photograph evokes as much feeling as that which comes from music or dance. Whatever the mode – from the snapshot to the decisive moment to multi-media montage – the intent and purpose of photography is to render in visual terms feeli[...]
  • Music Speaks Volumes at your Wedding

  • When does the fun at a wedding really begin It's not when your writing out the seating chart. It's not the morning of, when you're getting dressed and the photographers snapping photos of you in your underwear and it's definitely the ceremony, because everyone's staring at you making you uptight [...]
  • 10 Reasons to BEAT the fear of Marriage

  • After looking around the internet and searing for the reasons why you shouldn't have a "fear of marriage", I'll be quite honest, I was really disappointed. I found a lot of blog posts about why you should fear marriage, and why you don't want to get married, and why you shouldn't get married, but no[...]