Patriot Hills Clubhouse Wedding in Stony Point

Wedding Photo from Patriot Hills Clubhouse in Stony Point

Falling in Love

So here’s a question, what happens between a man and a woman after ten years of dating? Well, a couple of things actually. One, you find that the air around them becomes electric and that the person standing next to them is their best friend. Two, you discover that the two of them have shared everything that life has to throw at them, and three, you find that amongst all obstacles, nothing can separate them. Four, you find that although time and distance may come between them, their love for one another is eternal. And last, but not least, you know that they’ve found that special someone that they’ll share the rest of their life with. They’ve found their best friend, their lover, their soul mate, companion and life’s partner, and that part of them that was missing, now looks whole again.

Where Lovers go to Meet

This is the story of Ashley and Rich, two ten year old love birds who joined hands this past Saturday at Patriot Hills Clubhouse in Stony Point New York, which, with it’s picturesque setting laid against a backdrop of pristinely manicured greens, gently slopping hills, tall grass and mature evergreens, was a beautiful setting for Ashley and Rich’s wedding. They were joined by hundreds of family members and friends, and The Patriot Hills Clubhouse was filled to capacity. Guests danced well past midnight to the sensational beats and rhythms of a ten piece band performed by Perrone Bros Entertainment, and spilled out onto the patio for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and a breath of fresh air whilst taking in the mountainous views.

This past Saturday at the Patriot Hills Clubhouse was filled with magic, laughter and romance as two people, destined for one another, made their commitment a public affair by saying “I do” and then sealing it with a kiss. Congratulations to you both. As family and friends of both Ashley and Rich, clicking the Facebook LIKE button below will give you access to a gallery containing more of their wedding images. Once you click LIKE, wait five seconds for your link and password to be generated.

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ceremony was held at The Episcopal Church in Ramsey, NJ; live entertainment provided by Perrone Bros Entertainment in Westchester; caterering provided by The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills in Stony Point; photography by Blue Sky Photography, LLC in Wappingers Falls